Here is a history of just a few bands and projects Shane Reimer has been a part of along the way.



One of the more prominent projects Shane has performed in over the years. PDR consists of Shane Reimer and Ricky Delgado both wielding guitars and delivering unique performances beyond most duos you’ll come across. Ricky Delgado’s church upbringing and audiophile tendencies allows this project to sound as if it’s a full band. Shane's rocknroll guitar licks and raspy vocal style compliments Rick’s lush, soulful voice and together they create a unique blend of sounds most would not think go together, until they do. With a percussive element added by Ricky all performed live on his acoustic guitar, along with the ferocious lead guitar work and energetic harmonizing this duo is a sight to see. You can catch them performing throughout the tri-state area.




Shane has performed the past year with The Moondogs who hail from the Lehigh Valley as well. Bouncing between a four piece and five piece performance group they perform many well known venues as well as weddings and private parties. With a wide repertoire of classic, soul, and funk, covers hailing from the 60’s and 70’s the Moondogs keep the people dancing and reminiscing of music from what some would say was a “better time”. Shane plays melodic leads and on occasion takes over the microphone to front the band for certain songs that he specializes in. The band consists of Nicholas Capozzolo on bass, Ruben Ariola on drums, Chuck Schubert on rhythm guitar, and occasionally Baba Keino Anderson on Congas. The entire band sings and harmonizes and is the perfect edition to any wedding, private event, or party.


Moondogs at PABACONFEST2017

Moondogs at PABACONFEST2017